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Summer is officially over and for many that means more time indoors and back in the sewing room. This is when I get inspired to do a “Fall Cleaning” and make a real effort to get my sewing space in order.  My hope is that in the end it will be less cluttered and unorganized and more cheerful and inviting.  I have become inspired by many clever and creative ideas to organize all areas of the creative space.

Today I will share with you a few of the practical, inventive and appealing ideas I’ve found for organizing and storing thread.  At the end of this post is a list of links where all these ideas have been found.


Purchased Organizers

There are loads of thread racks and storage products available to be purchased at retail stores and online.

You can find a similar wire sewing machine rack like the one shown below here.  Spray on a coat of white paint and in no time you can nearly duplicate this pretty holder.

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This wooden table top spool holder below can also be painted to personalize and give a custom appearance to your sewing space.

500 painted JT rack close up

We offer a large rack at Jelly Roll Shop similar to the one on the left below which can be found here. You could also use a kitchen drawer spice rack (top right) or an embroidery thread storage case (bottom right), which also happens to fit machine sewing threads spools as well.

600 purchase collage


Repurposed Items

With a bit of imagination you can turn many household items into thread storage.

Jars of all sorts make great storage.  Jars with hinged lids and apothecary containers can be both practical and stylish.

413 marie

472 BIG jar

Items such as a hanging  jewellry organizer or a curio shelf will work equally as well.

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600 house



DIY Organizers

For those of you who love a completely custom piece I’ve found some great handmade projects with step-by-step instructions.  Click on the photos or the corresponding link at the end of the post to redirect you.

600 Pretty with DIY link

600 Fram DIY Tutorial

600 tree

And if that isn’t enough to inspire you be sure to check our Pinterest page for more ideas on organizing your thread.


Here are the links for all the ideas found in this article:

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