Thank You!

We just wanted to take some time to thank all of our customers who have taken the time to place an online order with us. Here at Jelly Roll Shop we have been working in isolation. Our farm and shop are closed to any visitors; until we have been given the ok to re-open. I wanted to take some time to write about how much we appreciate every single order. Our online shop is located in Falun, Alberta. We are a family based business located on a farm. Our business supports our family and we could not appreciate everyone’s support more. We have been working hard to get all of orders out in a timely fashion. Stay tuned for more updates!

Transforming Our Home

         Three years ago we decided to move to Falun, Alberta (south of Pigeon Lake). My husband grew up in the community and we had the opportunity to live on the family farm. We packed up and moved from downtown Edmonton.

The farm was established in 1902. We are the fifth generation to live on the farm. We operate Jelly Roll Shop from our farm. We had to put in some work and remove a wall to make a bigger working space for our shop.

Three Generations in the Fabric Industry

Recently!  Jelly Roll Shop has changed ownership. It comes with a short story.

I want to start off by introducing myself. My name is Stephanie Wilson and I am the new owner of Jelly Roll Shop alongside my husband Scott. I started sewing before I began elementary school. I continued with this hobby as a child and young adult. I have always had a passion for sewing.

At a young age my Nanna helped move my passion forward. She allowed me to use her sewing machine to make items for my dolls; at the age of four. My Nanna ran a fashion fabric store until she retired. She is a very special lady who always believed in her grandchildren. She is now ninety-four years old and still has her sewing machine set up in her living room. At my last visit with her; we had a small gathering at her apartment so my uncle could put together her new sewing machine table! The love for sewing runs deep in our family.

When I was three years of age, my Mother took over my Nanny’s company. My Mom always instilled us with a wonderful work ethic. She had us counting change and taking phone calls at a very young age and we loved it. We thought we were playing store but it was real life. The shop soon transformed from fashion to quilting.

Now, here I am starting a very exciting chapter in my life. My husband and I are now running Jelly Roll Shop. We are so excited to assist everyone with their quilting needs!

Picture: My Nanna with my daughter Viola

Kindred Spirits II Quilt Club


Jelly Roll Shop is now taking registrations for Kindred Spirits Quilt Club II.

Join the Kindred Spirits II Quilt Club and make a miniature quilt top each month using fabric from the Kindred Spirits collections by Jill Shaulis for Windham Fabrics. The program will begin June 2016 and each month you will receive a pattern and fabric to complete a miniature quilt top plus the binding. How fun is that? You can click HERE for all the details.

2016 Calendars

cal 20162016 calendar COLLAGE

If you haven’t already done so it is definitely time you change over your calendars for the new year. We have multiple to choose from for your purse or wall. Have a browse by clicking on the photo above.

Holiday Jigsaw Puzzles

Santa Puzzles

Who doesn’t love jigsaw puzzles?  It doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that people are doing much of in these days of cell phones, high definition tv’s and tablets.  Growing up it wasn’t uncommon to have a puzzle on the dining room table for days at a time during the fall and winter seasons.   Although it might be uncommon to hear young people asking to bring out a puzzle as they seem like a pastime from the “old days” it would be strange if it didn’t draw their attention to the table if you set one out. Before you know it you can easily pass a few hours of quality family time together before the project is complete.  Even guest can’t resist adding a few pieces or sometimes many while visiting.  I challenge you to bring out a jigsaw puzzle this holiday season.  I trust you won’t regret it.  Click HERE to browse an assortment of jigsaw puzzles.